Hot Melt Polyester Baling Strap 13 mm L=350m BT-HM-13B Textile Straps

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Hot Melt Polyester Baling Strap.jpgHot Melt Polyester Baling Strap.jpg

Bale Press Strapping.jpgProduction Introduction

safety during work (in contrast to metal straps)

no damage to products (no sharp or cutting edges)

good shock-resistant properties and strong fastening

reliable packaging for wrongly-shaped cargo

easily transported and lightweight

save storage space

resistant to chemicals and various atmospheric conditions (0 to 40 °С)

can be used multiple times

Bale Press Strapping(1).jpgCommon Characteristics

The surface of the non-woven strap is treated with hot-melt adhesive, which ensures the bonding of the individual threads and increases the adhesion of the strip with the clip in the packaging process.

Hot-melt polyester tape ensures fast and reliable packaging of your goods. It is resistant to outdoor storage under different climatic conditions. UV resistant, temperature range from 0 to 40 С. Easy and fast packing without the need for expensive equipment.

Bale Press Strapping.jpgTechnical Data

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Bale Press Strapping(1).jpgApplication

Hot Melt Polyester Baling Strap 13 mmHot Melt Strapping.jpg

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