Polyester Composite Strap Coils x2 (32mm x250Meters)

Composite strapping is a soft and pliable strapping that has filaments running through the strap to create a high tensile strength. Composite strapping is designed to protect your goods, employees and customer from damage and injuries while providing maximum load containment strength. It has no sharp edges when cut, and it does not spring back like steel banding.

BSTSTRAP Composite Strapping is outstanding due to its excellent material characteristics. The core of our composite strapping is made of polyester yarn. This type of strapping achieves higher strength and lower elongation. The special recipe of our polypropylene coating ensures an optimal compound with the polyester fibers.

For fast and secure packing, choose BSTSTRAP.

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The Specification:

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Details Show:

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Ⅰ.The Polyester Strapping is a cost effective alternative to steel strapping. And it eliminates the “hidden costs” of steel banding – such as damaged products, downtime, workmen’s compensation, tooling and repair costs. Our tools are only a fraction of the cost and maintain a longer life. 

Ⅱ.Due to the lightweight and flexibility of the environmentally-friendly strapping, disposal is hassle-free. The Polyester Strapping is a fraction of the size of steel and eliminates the need for strap choppers.lt can be disposed of with regular industrial waste or recycled.

Ⅲ.The Polyester Strapping features a steel wire buckle, the strongest joint available which can be re-tensioned if required. The strap and buckle can be re-used in some applications.

Ⅳ.Due to the memory and elongation and elongation recovery, The Polyester Strapping can absorb shocks much better than steel strapping, and it will not lose its tension if the load contracts or expands.

Ⅴ.Only a single tool is needed and the wear and tear is minimal. Tooling and repair costs are just a fraction of steel strapping tools.


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The instruction of composite strapping:



• Does not corrode or rust like steel so suitable for outdoor applications

• Used where safety is priority

• Suitable for strapping large loads or fragile products that may be damaged 

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The corded polyester strapping is easy to use and comes with a high-quality buckle and strap tensioner that makes securing loads a breeze. 

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